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Rainy Ljubljana

Sometimes our visit to the city can get disruted by bad weather so we prepared some suggestions for you on what to do in Ljubljana in case of bad weather. Ljubljana is an exciting city so there are a lot of things you can do even when is rains.


If you are visiting Ljubljana for a few days we recommend buying a Ljubljana Card, which will ensure a pleasant sightseeings of Ljubljana. With Ljubljana card, you can visit more than 19 sights from museums to galleries. It also includes a boat ride and the public transport, besides that you also get access to Wi-Fi throughout the city. This way you can share your stunning photos on social media instantly.


Most visited museums and galleries:


  • NATIONAL GALLERY, here you will find the largest collections of artworks from Slovenian region dating from late middle ages all the way to 20th century – a must visit for all art lovers.
  • THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SLOVENIA, the most famous kept object in this museum is definitely the oldest musical instrument in the world made from cave bears bones, found in the cave Divje Babe
  • LJUBLJANA TOWN GALLERY, host various exhibitions of Slovenian and foreign artists.
  • LJUBLJANA CASTLE, castle hill in the center of Ljubljana hosts many exhibitions and events throughout the year. Behind castle walls, you will find a museum of Slovenian history. You can climb the hill with glass funicular, which offers amazing views on Ljubljana.

If museums and galleries are just not your favorite thing, you can also find various other activities in Ljubljana:

  • MUSEUM OF ILLUSION, will take you to the magical world of illusions and will leave your eyes and senses speechless and confused.
  • UNION EXPERIENCE, an ideal idea for all beer lovers, as you can get to taste different types of beers and taste the traditional Slovenian cuisine.
  • ESCAPE ROOM, if you like challenges, puzzles and solving riddles this is your perfect spot to prove you are good at that, with escaping the room.
  • WOOP LJUBLJANA, this trampoline city will definitely make you forget the bad weather
  • ROLLBAR CARTING, is located in the BTC shopping center, here you can test and prove your driving skills in the go-karts.
  • ATLANTIS, a perfect choice for all seeking relaxation ,massages, saunas and a bit of swimming.



You can also spend a rainy day on a quest to find your new favorite bar or restaurant in Ljubljana. You can visit different types of restaurant, but you surely must try some Slovenian cuisine in restaurants such as Vodnikov Hram, Slovenska hiša, Gostilna Šestica,… You will also find many of the world’s cuisine in Ljubljana such as Chinese, Balkan, Brazilian, Indian, Arabic,.

If looking for a different bar perhaps pay a visit to Nostalgia Vintage Cafe Bar & Shop, where they serve many nostalgic drinks. Cafetino is a perfect choice for all coffee lovers, as they offer 26 different types of coffee from around the world. In the city center, you will find Caffe Petkovšek, which offers a wide range of Slovenian craft beers. Next, to the city hall there is Vinoteka Movia, here you can taste the best wines from all regions of Slovenia and also purchase a bottle to take it home with you.

If you prefer to shop on a rainy day, you will find 2 bit shopping malls in Ljubljana. One of them is BTC, with more than 450 shops and variety of bars and restaurants. You can get there by public transport, which will get you there within 15 min. The second shopping center is named Supernova in Rudnik district and is a bit smaller in size than BTC. You can also get there by public transport in 20 min.


Throughout the year, Ljubljana hosts a lot of exhibitions, concerts and fairs. You can find a event calendar on Visit Ljubljana.

Although Slovenia is a small country, you can also check the weather in other parts of the country. Rain in the capital doesn’t necessarily mean that it also rains in the coast.



Foto: Urška Ivančič