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World Cleanup Day

ONE DAY. ONE PLANET. ONE GOAL. Is the slogan of this year`s world cleanup day.

The movement, which dates back 10 years, originated in Estonia, where 4% of the population gathered to clean the country of illegal landfills within a few hours. This year Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary and world cleanup day might just be one of the greatest gifts to the world, from this small Baltic country. 15 years later 155 nations will participate in this volunteer event. In those 15 years, more than 18 million volunteers have been involved in what is today known as one of the biggest civic actions in the history of the world. This year’s goal is to include 5% of the worlds’ population in the campaign. The purpose of the campaign is not only cleaning but also encouraging good relations within the community, preventing the toxic waste to be absorbed and most importantly to be an example to the younger generations – the generation which will take over the planet from us.

Cleaning campaign in Slovenia is organized by the Ecologists without border, under the slogan ONE LAST TIME. The goal is to achieve the awareness, where we are not cleaning our environment just once a year, but the greater emphasis is placed on raising the awareness about the current waste situation. Most of the municipalities in Slovenia will take part in the cleaning campaign. Can we exceed our own world record from 2012, where 14% of Slovenians took part in the campaign?

Our employees will also take part in the campaign in different parts of Slovenia.