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Where to park in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is just like all the worlds capital, facing a lack of parking spaces in the city center. Finding these can sometimes become a real headache. In the morning and afternoon hours, you can expect »rush hours«, where all the roads to the city center can get jammed with traffic. Therefore we advise you to travel to the capital of Slovenia by train, bus or by shared ride. The city center is easily accessible from the main bus and train station. The old city center is inaccessible to cars, as the pedestrian zone is increasing in size from year to year. You can also park your car in one of the 6 Park and Ride parkings, located close to highway exits for Ljubljana.


Foto: B. Samec

This way you can avoid crowds and ride to the city center by public transport. Surely the fastest way of transportation through Ljubljana is by bike. Ljubljana has more than 230 km of organized cycling routes and was amongst the top 10 bike-friendly cities in the world. You can rent a bike at one of the 38 BicikeLJ station, located throughout Ljubljana. You can pick up a bike and leave it on different BicikeLj.


Foto: P. Logar

For all who want to get to the city center by car, we recommend leaving your car in one of the parking garages. The most centrally located parking garage is under the Congress square. In a short 5 min walk, you will already be able to enjoy the beauty of Ljubljana from Triple bridge. If you choose to park on the street, please note that blue lines are public parking spaces and those mark with yellow lines are private parking spaces. Prices for street parking range from 0,4 – 1,8€/ per hour and can also be limited to 1, 2 or 4 hours. If you are coming to Hotel Park Urban&Green, we recommend leaving your car in close by garage Komenskega (15€/per day). Public parking is free of charge on weekend, from Saturday 15:00 till Monday 7:00.

When traveling take care of nature and the environment and try to reduce your impact. So use public transport to Ljubljana and continue your exploring by bike or on foot.