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Mountain biking in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a cyclist-friendly city, it was ranked among the top 20 most cycling-friendly cities in the world. More than 225 km of organized cycling routes are located in Ljubljana. Ljubljana also has several forest routes. Mountain biking is usually impossible in capital cities, but green capital of Slovenia makes it possible. In distance of less than 2 km from the old city center is Golovec hill on one side and Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hill on the other side. Second ones are more suitable for hikers and anybody in search of a nature close to city center. On the other side Golovec is becoming quite a hot spot for all city mountain bike enthusiasts, because it is a higher and more suitable for trails. You can start your ascent on the west side of Golovec, this path will lead you to Astronomical Geophysical Observatory Golovec. It was founded in 1949 and was primarily used for observing the sun. Today it is used by the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and it also hosts the astronomical library. Continue your ride through forest paths, that will lead you to the highest peak of Golovec – Mazovnik (450m). Then continue your ride to the east side of the hill where you will find many paths suitable for a descend. Golovec has a total of more than 20 km paths. On the east side, you can choose from more than 4 descend paths. Those will make your heart beat a bit faster and will fill your body with adrenaline. Paths will definitely encourage you to start you ascend over and over again. Besides all paths are also suitable for beginners. This year Golovec, also hosted the first Golovec Trails competition, which was attended by the competitors from different countries of Europe, divided into different age groups. Ljubljana is a perfect starting point for discovering mountain bike trails. By car or train, you can reach Gorenjska region within an hour. Surrounded by the Julian Alps, the mountain biking possibilities are endless. We also offer a safe storage for our guest’s precious bikes, so your sleep can be more peaceful.