20th of March marks the beginning of the meteorological spring. In the upcoming months we can expect warmer days, with some periods of spring rain. We associate spring with awakening of the nature, the flowering of different types of plants and the awakening of animals. This period also brings pollen alergies, the time for spring … Read more

Hotel Park – Conferences

Hotel Park is driven by idea of sustainable development. They also formed a group called Green Ambassadors. Main goal of the group is to spread the idea of »green thinking« amongs employees and more imporantly amongs guests.   Hotel rooftop is home to little herbal oasis and beside it, there is a home to over … Read more

How to incorporate sustainable development into your home and your everyday life

A general assembly of UNWTO declared the year 2017 as an international year of sustainable tourism for development.World population is still growing and very soon we need to start taking measures for more sustainable development in the future. The World is dealing with a shortage of all sources from water, oil, and food. All of … Read more

How to be greener, when you travel

Before the travel First of all its very important that we choose the destination, which is »green«. When choosing green destination, websites like Green Destination comes in handy. After we have decided on a destination, the next step is choosing our accommodation. We can search for the accommodation on our own or with the help … Read more

World food day

16th of October marks the World food day. This year’s slogan is: Change the future of migration – Invest in food security and rural development. While the population of the world is still on the rise, we already struggle to provide food for everyone. One reason for this can be found in the unfair distribution … Read more